NEW Thermal Label Printer

I started a new goal the other day to start raising money for a thermal label printer and today, I reached it! Anyone who owns a small business, or even ships items a lot, knows how much thermal label printers help out so much! This thermal label printer will help save money on ink, paper, and tape. This money could be used for other supplies needed to run my business! I cannot wait to receive my thermal label printer! I'm so excited for packing orders to be a breeze now! If you'd like to make a donation you can use...

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About Me

I am a twenty three year old, Hispanic freelance artist from San Antonio, Texas. I've had a love for arts and crafts since I was a child and quickly grew passionate for it when I was a teenager in high-school. Being a freelance artist has come with many responsibilities but I love what I do and would not change it for the world. All my items are created by me, whether it is drawing, sewing scrunchies, or making clay earrings, I do it all! Thank you for those who supported me from the very beginning and to these who support...

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